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Our sustainability focused process begins with ethical mining and responsible sourcing.

Even before we start mining operations, we work with the authorities and specialists to carry out assessments to ensure feasibility, safety and minimal environmental impact. We involve the local communities, making sure their interests are taken into account and that they are given priority in employment so they are able to enjoy the fruits of their lands.

The safety of our workforce is an absolute priority and is taken into consideration from the point of evaluation and through the lifespan of the mining operation. We pay our workers decent wages that allow them a sustainable livelihood while also transparently sharing in the profits of each discovery. We also backfill all our mines when we are done, planting indigenous vegetation to create native forests or prepare it for cultivation of food crops. And because each and every one of our gemstones is sourced from our own mines, we can take full responsibility for their journey from the mine to the market.

We exclusively use small-scale, artisanal mining which allows us to ensure full traceability and minimal environmental impact.


We use traditional pit-mining rather than river mining or mechanised mining. It involves simple and safe methods of excavation and provides stable employment for far more people


We follow strict requirements for working conditions including worker health and safety and fair compensation while make certain we don’t employ child labour or forced labour.


We take great pains to follow the cultural traditions and rituals involved in gem mining in Sri Lanka including taking our workers on pilgrimage to the temple devoted to Saman, the guardian deity associated with mining, each year.


All our mines are accredited by the Sri Lanka National Gem and Jewellery Authority.

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We are dedicated to demonstrating that practising responsible business does not exclude business success but rather is the key to ensuring quality, innovation and success in the long-term.

We are forging a new direction in the gem and jewellery industry in Sri Lanka, for example, by setting the example of equal and equitable employment of women in the administrative, sales, marketing and technical divisions of our business. We also break with tradition and forego verbal agreements for legally binding contracts securing the interests of our partners. We benchmark against international standards and best practices but always strive to do more, seeking continuous improvement of our products, processes and corporate responsibility initiatives, and driving the sector forward towards a fair and sustainable future.

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Since ancient times, coloured gemstones have been recognised as a symbol of love and beauty, romance and imagination, glory and grace. At Rohan Sapphires, our veteran artisans create finished gems and fine jewellery that combine bold experimentation with classic design. Masterpieces with timeless appeal, we promise you a lasting experience of elegance, beauty and joy with every purchase from Rohan Sapphires.

Our artisans hail from a long tradition of lapidary in Sri Lanka and count over 15 years of professional experience as well as continuous advanced education.

Rough gems undergo a series of preforms with the help of a hanaporuwa - a traditional hand grinder - revealing their shape and ridding them of inclusions. To deepen the colour of some gemstones, a traditional lakmi furnace or advanced electrical heating is used.

The original shape of the stone, its size and the best means of revealing its full glory is taken into consideration when our artisans decide on its faceting. Their ability to produce the best-oriented stones for colour and placement while retaining the maximum weight from the rough is truly remarkable.

Each and every gemstone, from its point of entry into the lapidary until it leaves as a finished product, is closely supervised by Rohan as it goes through the process of revealing its maximal beauty.

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