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Frequently Asked Questions

Rohan Sapphires perceives responsible mining as making sure that zero harm is done to the environment, the community and to the nation while also making sure that a 100% compliance is met when adhering to the required rules and regulations imposed by the government along with the National Gem and Jewellery Authority.

Every day, with every action, we uphold our commitment to running a responsible business, one that involves mining ethically, sourcing responsibly, ensuring fair pay and decent work, empowering female employees, sustaining our communities and nation’s economy, while assuring quality, artistry and superior design.

The mining techniques utilized at our mines are purely artisanal and traditional where we ensure no environmental harm is caused. Even after the mining operation is wrapped up, we at Rohan Sapphires make sure that we rehabilitate the land and restore the same to its original position. Some lands which have the capacity to generate an agricultural value, we utilize to promote agricultural crops thereby empowering the community in the mining locality.

We have a fully traceable mine to market operation as Rohan Sapphires is equipped with a backward integration strategy where the company runs its own mines and its fully fledged lapidary. Hence the company has full control on ascertaining the qualitative aspect of the whole value chain.

All of our gemstones are natural – mined, where they are extracted from our very own mines/partnering mines. Going alongside our ethical values and policies, we at Rohan Sapphires are committed to giving you the best authentic, natural (mined) stone and we don’t get ourselves involved in any form of synthetic/lab developed stones. To give assurance on the authenticity of the stones, we could arrange for a lab certificate, which is globally recognized.

Below are the bodies that Rohan Sapphires is affiliated with when obtaining lab certificates. GRS , GIA, AGL (Antwerp Gemmological Laboratory) - International bodies EG Lab – Local bodies

Note : If a prospective buyer requests for a certificate other than the above mentioned bodies, we can make arrangements to supply the same. However an additional cost may be incurred.

We at Rohan Sapphires are driven to sustain a responsible business where we have ascertained our values in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Some of our major pillars of sustainability are: Zero hunger /zero poverty – Enriching our mining community Women empowerment Land rehabilitation and usage of renewable energy Zero tolerance of child/forced labour

To learn more about our sustainability goals, please click here - Sustainability Page

Yes, we do ship worldwide. We use the freight services of global leaders in the industry like Ferrari, Malca Amit, FedEx, Brink’s etc to enable worldwide shipping. The shipment is done through the National Gem and Jewellery Authority and Sri Lanka Customs, with 100% compliance to applicable rules and regulations being transparent and fully secure. However some countries require the facilitation of a broker, when clearing said stones (Ex: France).

Rohan Sapphires is equipped with a modern lapidary inclusive of all the required machinery. However we blend a variety of traditional value adding techniques to bring about the optimum value of the stones.

Some of the traditional value adding techniques we use are:

  • The method of gemstone faceting carried out by a manual instrument called ‘Hanaporuwa’, also known as the Ceylon Bow Cutter.
  • Usage of semi-automatic equipment in the lapidary.
  • Traditional pre-evaluation techniques used during the mining process to be in line with environmental preservation and sustainability goals.
  • Usage of “Illamkura” to discover prospective gem deposited areas.

We mainly specialize in precious stones like Ceylon Blue Sapphires, Padparascha, Pink sapphires etc. However we do specialize in semi-precious stones like spinels too.

We are very much excited to assist any buyer inquiry on customized orders. We are specialized in all kinds of parcel types such as single stones/loose stones, layouts, pairs, calibrated stones etc. Simply contact us on - https://rohansapphires.com/contact and we will be at your service.