1. 1) This website is operated by our Company Rohan Gems Private Limited pioneered in selling finely cut and polished gem stoned sourced from our own gem mines.
  2. 2)Upon purchase of an item from our on line store, you agree to comply and be bound by the terms and conditions below


  1. 3) At all times we ensure that details and description of every item listed in our online store for sale is accurate however the images of items listed in terms of color, texture, appearance and finish may vary from the actual item.
  2. 4) Orders placed by a customer have to be accepted by us prior to processing. We may not be able to accept your order including but not limited to the following reasons:
    1. ordered item is out of stock
    2. inability to authorize your payment or have reasonable grounds to believe that your payment may be fraudulent
    3. in the event of a pricing or product description error
    4. Due to system failure
    5. If the customer has failed in the validation checks carried out by us
  3. 5) Upon placing an order you will receive an email confirming the details of your order. This email is not confirmation that your order has been accepted by us but only a confirmation of receipt of your order.
  4. 6) Your order will only be accepted by us subject to 4. Above and receipt of your payment in accordance with 7 below.


  1. 7) All payments to purchase items from our online store shall be done via direct bank transfers to our account details of which will be sent to you upon confirmation of your order.


  1. 8) Upon completion of your purchase you will be presented with the options for delivery with an estimated timeline for delivery. The timeline given by us is an estimate only and in reality the actual timeline may vary from the estimated time line.
  2. 9) There may be delays in receiving your goods due to circumstances beyond our control (such as a courier delay, or force majeure (“ acts of god”).


  1. 10) All items listed in our online store delivered worldwide via FedEx, DHL, Brinks etc. Our privileged clients have the flexibility of requesting any courier service listed above depending on their preference. If Rohan Gems Private Limited mainly uses Fed-ex to deliver our products worldwide.
  2. 11) We ship within 48 hrs of acceptance of your order by us and Shipping orders are processed from Monday to Friday. All shipments will be delivered within 4-7 days through the above courier services, we have listed above.


  1. 12) If you wish to cancel an order you have placed you must contact us immediately to ascertain whether the items have been dispatched or not. If the item is not dispatched we will cancel the order immediately and our refund policy will apply
  2. 13) If the items have been dispatched, you will need to return the item to us and you will be responsible for paying the cost of returning the items.


  1. 14)If you are completely not satisfied with the items you purchased, you may return to us for a full refund only.
  2. 15)All returns shall be dispatched by you within fourteen (14) days from the date purchase and should be adhered to the below special conditions.


    1. 15.1) Upon receiving the returned order, Rohan Gems Private Limited will undertake a laboratory test ascertain the authenticity of the stone/s and also to make sure that the original condition of the stone is not compromised. Refunds are not accepted if the stone/s have been scratched, treated, altered or identified with any kind of alteration (i.e. changes in the shape, weight, dimensions etc) as against its original status.
    2. 15.2) We at Rohan Gems Private Limited reserve a discretionary right to decline returning service to individuals whom we cannot properly accommodate and will be based on reasonable grounds.
    3. 15.3) All charges and costs relating to the process involved in returning the product/s (i.e. shipping charges, custom fees, any other taxes/duties) will be borne by the consumer.

    Please note: We highly recommend all clients to have thorough approach when making a purchase, as returning process may look cumbersome as a result of the risk inherited due to the nature of product (i.e highly valued gem stones/luxurious products).

  3. 16) To return an item,
    1. a) E-mail us regarding the return and why you are not satisfied with it. You can simply drops us an email to support@rohansapphires .com referring to product ID, order number and one of our agents will be in touch with you.
    2. b) Upon receiving the email and adhering to the special conditions mentioned above under para 16, Rohan Gems Private Limited will reply you on how to further proceed with the returning process.
    3. c) Intended returned product should be handed over to the same agent within 7 days from the official Return Notice from Rohan Sapphires. Kindly hand over the item securely in its original packaging (inclusive of the order ID and return notice), and mail your return to the address mentioned below : Rohan Gems (Private) Limited No. 17, Council Avenue, Ratnapura, Sri Lanka.
    4. d) The return fee will be deducted from your purchase Value on time of refund into your account.
  4. 17) Standard Shipping: In the event the already opted courier service does not offer “return-shipping”, the consumer shall return the item via his/her choice of shipping. However kindly note that the return payment will be made only upon the receipt of goods only. However for safety purposes, it is mandatory to use a shipping class that has tracking.
  5. 18) Upon receiving your returned item and inspecting the condition the item, we will process your refund. We require at least three (3) working days from the receipt of your item to process your return.
  6. 19) For defective or damaged items please contact us at the customer service number below to arrange a refund or exchange - +94714337677 or +94715558585 or +94 452121337 or email us to support@rohansapphires.com


  1. 20) Rohan Gems (Private) Limited shall not be liable for any direct, special, indirect or consequential or incidental damages including loss of profit or loss of opportunity as a result of the use of or the inability to use any items that have been ordered via this website.
  2. 21) You agree to indemnify us and our agents, officers, directors and employees, immediately and on demand, against all claims, liability, damages, costs and expenses, including legal fees, arising out of any breach of any of our terms and conditions hereof.


  1. 22) Our Privacy Policy sets out how we use and protect information that we receive from our Customers in using this online store to purchase our items available for sale.
  2. 23) We are committed to ensuring that your privacy is protected at all times. Any information that you provide will be handled in accordance with this privacy policy.
  3. 24) We may amend this policy from time to time therefore it should be checked by you on a regular basis for your information .
  4. 25) We may collect the following information about you:
    1. i) Your Name
    2. ii) Company Name
    3. iii) Telephone Number
    4. iv) Email Address
    5. v) Any postal addresses that you provide.
  5. 26) This information will be inserted by you at the time you make a purchase through our online store, or make contact with us through the contact us option provided in our online store.
  6. 27) We use this information for the following reasons:
    1. i) Process any orders you make through our online store
    2. ii) Improve our products and services
    3. iii) For marketing our new products and services to you
    4. iv) For marketing our new products and services to you For market research0. We ensure at all times that the data you provide us is handled securely and have in place suitable physical, electronic and managerial processes to safeguard your information.
  7. 28) Cookies are small files which are placed on your browser. Cookies help this website to analyse traffic and visitors and help our site respond to you individually. Traffic log cookies are used to identify which pages are being used on our site and analyse visitor behaviour through statistics.
  8. 29) You may encounter a link to an external website page whilst visiting our online store or profile on this website. If the link is to a website that is operated by a third party you should know that we have no control over that website and as such cannot be responsible for the protection and privacy of your data or information you provide whilst visiting the site.
  9. 30) If any information we hold about you is incorrect or incomplete then please write to or email us as soon as possible and we will promptly correct any information found to be incorrect.


  1. 31) These terms and conditions shall be governed in accordance with the principles of English law and are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Colombo, Sri Lanka


  1. 32) These terms and conditions constitute the entire agreement between the parties and supersede any and all preceding and contemporaneous agreements between you and Rohan Gems (Private) Limited whether written or oral.


  1. 33) These terms and conditions may be amended from time to time by Rohan Gems (Private) Limited.
  2. 34) Should any part-term or term be found to be unenforceable then the remainder of the terms and conditions shall continue to have full force and effect as if the invalidated term was not present.
  3. 35) Should any delay or failure to comply with our obligations under these terms and conditions due to a reason beyond our reasonable control, we will not be responsible to you for such delay or failure.

I hereby accept the above terms and conditions